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Company Team

Age 5-18

Levels Micro Mini through Advanced.

Dance for Kids has an award winning competition company known as Brentwood Academy of Dance,  affectionately, B.A.D. We require hard work, dedication, and most importantly a good attitude for our competition team to create a positive and cohesive dance environment for everyone. In return, we have seen great success, and rewarding experiences for our dancers and their families. Our company dancers continue to win the highest awards at competitions all over Southern California.


Our teams require a year long commitment, with new positions opening each AUGUST! We have many options based on age, and desired commitment level:

Micro Mini (ages 4-5) Our introduction to the world of competitive dance. They take class 1 day per week, and attend 1 competition per year

Company 1 (ages 5-18) Our large competitive group divided by age that will take classes a minimum of 3 days per week. They attend a minimum of 4 competitions, and 2 conventions per year.

Performance Company (ages 5-18) Our less demanding competition group, divided by age that will take classes a minimum of 1 day per week. They attend 3 competitions, and 2 conventions per year. 

Find the right class for you

Mini Company Classes are for K-2nd grade. Junior Company Classes are for 3rd-5th grade. Teen Company Classes are for 6th grade and up. Performance Company Classes are for the dancer needing outstanding training and preparation for some competitions but with less commitment. 

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