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Taryn Greenman


Taryn Chase Greenman is the proud new owner of Dance for Kids and Brentwood Academy of Dance. She has an enthusiastic, infectious joy for life and she is so grateful to be able to share her love of dance and performing with the next generation of dancers.

She grew up in Los Angeles, and began dancing at age 3 training in ballet, jazz and tap. While attending Windward High School in West Los Angeles, she trained in the dance and theater programs. She continued dancing all the way through college, graduating with a BA in dance from Scripps College in Claremont, CA. She was awarded multiple dance scholarships including one to the renowned American College Dance Festival (ACDF), and her choreography there won multiple awards.

After college, she considered working at Dance for Kids (the family business run by her parents at the time) but decided to pursue experience in another industry. She went on to a career in business and sales in the fashion industry and successfully ran multiple businesses for 15 years. However, Dance for Kids always had a special place in her heart, and over the last decade she became more and more involved. When it was time for her parents, Karen and Steve to retire, it only made sense to keep the studio in the family, so she purchased the business from them in August 2022.

She admires and wholeheartedly respects the passion her parents have invested in the business over the last 20+ years running Dance for Kids to create this beautiful, thriving business and she is so excited to maintain everything that is special, and also work hard to improve things where she sees an opportunity. She is very grateful for her supportive husband Ross, and 2 beautiful daughters.

Taryn Greenman
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