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Why My Child Should Dance

Why should my child dance? Is it worth it if they won’t go on to be a professional dancer? YES!!! All children can benefit from dance. The benefits reach far beyond the classroom or stage.

Here are the top 4 reasons to enroll ANY child in dance:

Dance is healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally. Dancing is great exercise, which not only keeps kids physically fit and flexible, but also gives your child an outlet for expression, friendship and creativity. Dancing also improves brain function. According to Psychology Today, dancers achieve peak performance by blending cerebral and cognitive thought processes with muscle memory held in the cerebellum. Regular dance training at least once a week can maximize a child's brain function.

Dance builds self-esteem. Children will get a natural boost of confidence by learning and improving in dance class. Our teachers at Dance for Kids are positive and encouraging and make sure all of our dancers have realistic goals set to ensure a positive learning environment. All of our dancers age 3 and up have the opportunity to perform giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment that is priceless!

Dance builds Spatial awareness and coordination. From an early age dancers learn how to move their body in space. They learn to navigate past the other dancers around them, and how to possess spatial awareness with coordination. Dancers move through space while coordinating their legs, feet, torso, arms, hands, head and even facial expression! This coordination translates to all other physical challenges in life.

Dance builds Musicality. Dancers are bound to their music. It teaches rhythm, timing, syncopation and mood. Dancers express the emotions of music through movement which creates children in touch with their feelings and helps them to connect with the world on a whole new level.

Dance training prepares children for life. Children who have trained in dance make better athletes, musicians, scholars, and even better drivers!

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