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Advantages for children that Dance

Most of us started dancing simply because we loved it. But did you know dance provides more benefits to children than just joy of movement? Here are seven simple benefits of dance classes for children:


1- Dance classes will stretch a young child’s imagination as they dance the roles of different characters.

2- Dance keeps children moving, which is important and beneficial to the growth and development of their bodies. It helps them to stay active, release extra energy, improve muscle development, and increase cardiovascular and overall health.

3- It relieves stress. Yes, even young children can be stressed. Dance boosts endorphins and has a meditative quality. It’s even been called “moving meditation”!

4- Dancing doesn’t just exercise the body; it also exercises the brain! And in ballet class, we also listen to classical music, also boosting brainpower.

5- Dance is good for self-esteem and confidence. Even small children begin to learn self-discipline as they learn to follow directions and to try their best in class.

6- It’s fun!

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