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4 Tips to Help You Balance School and Dance

Are you struggling to find enough time to pursue your passion for dance and stay on top of your school work? Being a student is a handful of work on its own. You constantly have to juggle between homework, tests, exams, projects, presentations and a lot more. Being a student and a dancer, you also have practice added into the mix. If you are dedicated to your art, but don't want to miss out on academics, here are 4 simple tips to help you balance your dance and school life:

Plan Your Day in Advance

Dance on its own teaches you a lot about discipline which proves to be extremely helpful when it comes to planning your daily schedule. Structure you day very carefully, find out what time of the day you can study better and schedule your classes and practice sessions accordingly. Use a planner or a scheduling app to help you remember everything that you have going on.

Find Ways to Enhance Your Time Management

One way of managing your study time around your practice schedule is by picking classes around it.

Be True to Yourself

Set targets for yourself in order to be able to measure how effective your planning is so you can make changes wherever necessary. And while you are constantly told to push yourself to achieve the best possible results, remember to set realistic goals for yourself after fulfilling understanding your capabilities. Don't push yourself to hard!

Give Yourself Some Time Off

While developing your work and practice schedule, be sure to leave some time out for you to rest and rejuvenate. While dance is what you must be most passionate about, take some time out to pursue a fun hobby so you get that much needed break from time to time.

Don't forget about your nutritional needs while juggling work and dance. As a dancer and as a student, you must ensure you eat well and get enough rest. Lastly, take pride in all that you have achieved so far and use that as your motivation to achieve your dream goal!

Excerpt from "First Position." Author: Dana Jandhyala

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